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About Us

How we started

The Nite Write Duty Book Cover was invented by a currently serving Police Officer in Ontario, Canada with over 20 years of experience.  As a result of constantly trying to balance a flashlight under his chin, or held in the awkward place of his underarm, or attempting to find a street light or another form of artificial light, he felt there must be a better way that was more efficient to record notes at night. His vision was also being compromised by his flashlight reflecting off of the white paper notepad, ultimately distorting his night vision.  Therefore a faster and safer solution was created.

If you’re a First Responder you understand the dangers of distraction and know that seconds count.  The use of a bright light, whether it’s a flashlight you are trying to balance or one that is attached to your body armour, is a beacon exposing your position. These are the reasons our Founder invented the Nite Write Duty Book Cover.  This specially designed cover eliminates the extra step of seeking an alternative light source to record notes, all while keeping your hands in front of you at the low ready position. The integrated red LED lights allow the user to record notes without exposing their position and keeping their night vision in tact. 

Nite Write Features

Water resistant

The lights are encased in a water resistant housing, protecting them from rain, water, and other precipitation.


The strong nylon stitching, extra pocket and integrated lighting system provides increased safety and convenience for First Responders.

Stable writing

The incorporated plastic in the top and bottom of the cover allow for a stable writing platform. 


Designed and invented in Canada.

Sustainable Material

The Nite Write microfiber leather is sourced from 100% organic materials.

Night Time ViSibility

First responders can record and view their notes at night clearly, without the use of a secondary light.

WHAT OUR clients say

Our client’s are very happy with our Nite Write Duty Book Cover. Read our reviews to see what they think!

A common sense solution that enhances Officer safety. I would recommend the Nite Write duty book cover to anyone who needs to make notes in low light conditions.
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Inspector Dwayne Price
London Police Service
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A functional and durable product and a great addition to our issued equipment. I highly recommend the Nite Write duty book cover for all enforcement Officers.
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Shawn Rutkauskas
Assistant Manager - Campus Security Fanshawe College
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My officers use NiteWrite books in a variety of environments. Durability, solid construction, and the material make it stand up, and stand out in the field! The built in light makes officers confident when writing notes that they can react quickly to changing events without losing a loose flashlight, and the red tone of the light keeps eyes relaxed and vision clear during night shifts. We are very impressed with our investment in NiteWrite and highly recommend it for use in the field!
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Chief W. Menzie
Municipal Enforcement Unit (2021)
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