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NiteWrite Benefits

Maintain Concealment

Work at Night

Quick and Easy

Keep Notes Protected

Legible Notes

Stable Writing

Keep Night Vision

Removable Light

Extra Pocket


An improved alternative to the versions commonly used by First Responders. When the sun goes down, tickets, statements, and note taking don't stop - our duty book cover makes it easier to do the job right and keep you safe. Two current Police Officers with years of fieldwork experience developed the Nite Write Duty Book Cover - they know the hazards and have done the research! The Nite Write Duty Book Cover is the perfect solution!

Nite Write Features

Water Resistant

The lights are encased in a water resistant housing, protecting them from precipitation.

Long Lasting

One disposable AAA battery powers the lights.

Stable Writing Platform

The cover acts as a stable writing surface that lets First Responders write down notes while standing or sitting.


The incorporated light housing provides a light source right at your fingertips, right when you need it.


The strong nylon stitching, extra pocket and integrated lighting system provide increased safety and convenience.

Sizing Options

Two sizes available - 3.5” x 5” (NW500) and 3.5” x 5 ⅜” (NW538) - for all your needs.